A bi-coastal director, producer and actor with experience in theatre, commercials, film, podcasting and voice over. 

Plays that are successfully created and presented onstage can stay with you weeks, even months, perhaps years, after you leave the theatre. I want my audiences to watch my work and be moved outside themselves, if for just a moment. I want them to see the world from others’ points of view, to ask questions of their world, to wrestle with thoughts they may not want to think, and to experience the voyage of discovery that theatre can be. I want to make theatre that leaves an impression on the minds of those who experience it. 

I am passionate about new plays, relishing opportunities to collaborate with playwrights. I also have a love for re-imagining the classics, looking for what will engage and activate modern audiences. I am most drawn to work that highlights the universal human experience and works that embrace socially impactful stories and ignite the audience.

Collette currently lives, works, and creates her art on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Gabrielino/Tongva peoples (Los Angeles basin, So. Channel Islands).

Crumbs From the Table of Joy

photo credit: Kelsey Edwards